~Pourri Air Necessities Home + Bathroom Kit, Fresh Air 1.4oz Spray

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~Pourri travel air necessities set includes: 1 poo~pourri 1.4oz fresh air + 1 home~pourri 1.4oz fresh air

Poo~pourri fresh air 1.4oz - fill your bathroom with the clean, airy scent of jasmine, fresh air and mint with poo~pourri’s newest everyday scent! No need to open a window to smell a fresh breeze in your bathroom. Spritz the bowl for a breath of fresh air!

Home~pourri fresh air 1.4oz - fill the room with home~pourri fresh air. This complex, yet clean scent is a blend of intoxicating florals like jasmine and gardenia, paired with crisp fruits like pineapple and pear, and balanced with warm notes of vanilla and tonka. Picture this: it's a brisk spring day. You're driving, top down, on the winding roads of the country hillside. The crisp, virgin air is funneling straight up your nose and blowing your hair back like beyoncé. That smell? Yeah, we bottled it and brought it to your living room.

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